At Receptive Media, we like to draw inspiration from shopfront displays and emulate this in our home page design.

A shopfront window is not only an extension of the samasitu brand, it performs a few other functions outlined here:

Indicates quickly what is inside
Uses visual tone to engage and relate
Grabs attention in a striking way
Entices and invites curiosity
Frames and highlights key products or ranges
How to Apply Through Web Design

If a page needs a big and striking image, it’s usually the home page. In addition, a clear hierarchal order can and should be created with a large and hard-hitting image.

Other functions of a home page design:

Categorise key content
Present a fast and efficient route
Prioritise key content to support the SEO strategy
The Benefits of an Image Based Home Page

A large image allows you to change the impression of your website home page with minimal effort. This helps to keep your website style current and create a timeless classic design. If you present lots of small elements, it becomes more difficult to maintain. Home page banners are commonly presented in a slider which allows multiple messages to be displayed in a large format.

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